January 8, 2010

No mistaking winter.

Big Daddy wants to live some place warm.  I suppose this is probably compounded by the fact that he’s outside shoveling another bazillion inches of snow.  The Princess and I do a little clearing, but snow shoveling is “man’s work”ish and so Big Daddy laces up his Doc Martins and stomps out with the snow shovel.  The girls and I do other important things while he does that.  Like, reading blogs and watching t.v.

The Princess was SURE she was going to get a snow day out of this storm.  Yesterday, nearly every school to our west was closed, but we were open and the Princess marched out to the school bus with much dejection.

Today, every school to the east of us was closed, but you can guess who just left on the bus that arrived 20 minutes late.  The Princess who is no longer dejected, but depressed.

Littlebit attends school to the west, so she had a snow day yesterday.

Big Daddy’s car tire was being a pill, so he worked from hme yesterday and has a snow day today.  Poor Princess.  The only one who must trudge off.

Is that a foot of snow?
Is that a foot of snow?
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