January 18, 2010

The Habit Project-Part 1-Final week

Well friends, last week I fell off of the wagon.  I have a long post about why coming up tomorrow, but let’s just say the evil monster Panic was knocking a my door again which means two thing 1) I have to sit ever so still to keep myself from launching into an attack and 2) I have to keep as mentally distracted as possible.  The good news?  I can do that playing games.  Word games, etc.  The bad news?  It takes the computer.   I had two choices last week.  I could not use the computer for distraction and panic or I cold use the computer and not panic that much.  I chose the latter.

And then, on Wednesday, my iPhone showed up and I’ve probably used the lap top for about three minutes since then, but that’s not an answer either.  However,  it kept me off the PC the last half of hte week so maybe it worked?

Anyhow, I feel good about how far I’ve been able to step back from the laptop and I don’t have a lot of interest at this point in a lot of the “time wasting” things I did.   Just not interested.    I am considering giving this another week, tough.

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