January 11, 2010

The Habit Project-Part1, week 2

Well, I survived the first week of cutting back my computer.  Monday and Tuesday felt like HUGE time boons for me.  I had SO MUCH TIME.  Wednesday and Thursday kind of went to pot and I found myself using the computer outside of my chosen perimeters.    But, on Saturday something…awesome happened.  I had time to waste, so I sat down in my big comfy chair with the laptop.  I visited facebook.  I checked my mail.  I checked in with my Mommy group.  I read through the blogs on Google reader and then?  There was nothing else I wanted to do.  I checked in on another few places rather halfheartedly and then put the computer aside.

Did you read that?

I didn’t feel like spending more time on teh interwebs, so I put the computer away.

Now, maybe to you non-addicted folks this is no big thing, but since I’d rather use the computer than nearly anything and particulary during any available leisure time, it’s huge.  I think by the end of the 21 days, my habits in regards to the computer will have changed.

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