February 12, 2010

Fifty Two…

…is how old my Mom would be today.  Her birthday is one week after the Princess’s.  When Littlebit was born and her birthday was one week before my Dad’s, my Mom thought it was neat.

Baby Bee’s birthday is one week before noones, so we broke that streak.

This starts the sad season.  I try not to think about how my Mom’s final decline began, but it wasn’t long after the birthdays.  Today I try to think about the happy things.

The Princess and Gran at the ocean.
The Princess and Gran at the Ocean.

I make a dinner my Mom would have liked and we eat chocolate cake.

In the car yesterday, I asked Littlebit if she could say Gran.

“Gran!”, she chriped, clear as a bell and my heart swelled.  “Teddy GRAN!” holding aloft the package of Teddy Grahams she got as a Valentine’s treat.

Not quite, but if my Mom was here, she could say it.  And she would.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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