February 20, 2010

My Favorite Nightie

When I started sewing more than a handful of years ago, I thought I wanted to quilt.  Turns out, I don’t.  I made one quilt.  It’s usable but unfinished.  I plan on making one more.  That’s it. Quilts?  Not my thang.

But clothes making?  Totally my thang. I’ve made a little bit of everything.  Pants, shirts, skirts, jumpers, dresses, costumes and pajamas.  Mama-made pajamas are most favored nation status around here.

While I subscribe to Ottobre Magazine, my favorite nightgown pattern is easily found at most fabric stores and Wal-Mart (I know, I know the DEBBIL).  It’s a McCall’s  See and Sew B4005 and it runs about 2.99.  Why do I like it?  It really IS easy.  At this point, I can get this nightgown together in about thirty minutes.

Fairy Fabric from Joann's and hid in my "collection" for a couple of years.

I do want to make one point.

The problem with “Big 3” patterns is that they’re sizing is off.  Seriously.  Littlebit is running around a 4t now.  I pulled out my measuring tape and measured her, matching her measurements to the pattern.  It reccomended I sew her a size 4.

Huge nightie plus some big cheese

Well, as you can see the nightie is falling off of Littlebit.  I could probably cut her down to a size three or maybe even a two without it being too small.  I also chopped about six inches off of the length as well.  My point? Well, it’s a great pattern, but beware of sizing even when measuring.  If your fabric is extra speical and you want a perfect fit, it might be worth it to make a practice nightie in some less special fabric first.

Overall, though, this is a great pattern for a new sewist (I like that better than sewer which can be taken more than one way).  If you have girlie little girls, she’ll probably love it too.

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