February 2, 2010

The Habit Project-Phase 2, week 1

Well, I admitted that I thought this one was going to be really hard when I introduced the concept last week and, yes, it’s been every bit as hard as I thought.  Finding 30 minutes of time, even non-consecutively, to exercise is a struggle and I only managed…gulp….one time last week.  It was Monday and I was all gung ho and exercised on a full, upset stomach and then laid around and moaned for about fifteen hours about the stupidity of it.

This is obviously going to take at least one more of my allotted  extra weeks.

I want to exercise, but finding balance during the day is beyond difficult.   My best two options to find time to do it all in a row is before the little people get up, which is nearly an impossible task or after Big Daddy comes home from work.  That’s a more likely possibility, but our evening time is already so crunched.

Baby Bee does nap most days, but it seems like I have forty seven hours of work to cram into the ninety minutes of single-childedness that I have.  When the weather gets nicer, I can see Baby Bee and me being able to go for walks during the time we’re waiting for Littlebit to get out of preschool and speech, but for now?  I’m stuck in the house.  As of today and thanks to that damn Groundhog, spring seems like it’s forever away….

Pretty, but played out.
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    The caption on that photo is exactly how I’ve been feeling about winter. I had this exercise 30 minutes on my resolutions for this year…I moved it from February to April. I realized I needed to set myself up for success and in April I’ll want to take a walk. For me, wanting to is very important because if I don’t want to…I likely won’t. Even if I know I should. Should is less powerful then Want.

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      I totally understand, which is why I really need to make it a habit. This year it seems as though when it’s warm enough to be out that there is just far too much snow to begin to consider pushing a stroller through and when there is no snow, it’s frigid.

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