February 23, 2010

The Habit Project-Phase Whoops, week two

Well, last week I gave up on the exercise thing.  I felt defeated by not being able to find the time to meet my goals.   I decided to put that on the back burner and pick it up in the spring when I had more alternatives for getting exercise OUT of the house.  It’s snowy and gross again today.

Six inches of sloppy, wet stuff.

My third habit was using my calendar to keep myself on track.  Prior to ordering asking Big Daddy to get me an iPhone I was using a mokeskine notebook that I hacked. It worked okay, but there was nothing that caused me to pick up the notebook if I set it aside.  Nothing compelling me to use it.  When I whined and stomped asked Big Daddy for the iPhone I had hopes that it would help with my productivity.  And it has!

I use the 2Do ap on my phone. It works great for me.

I’ve entered in my daily chores as reoccurring projects.  Every day when I complete my morning chores, for instance, I close out the project and it turns itself on the next day.  I can schedule weekly and monthly chores and can, at a glace, see what obligations we have each day.  I can set up alarms to remind me of things i tend to forget (the date of the Girl Scout meeting, when the Princess has a half day).

I also make note of dinner each day as well and if it requires early preparation, I can set up an alarm for that too.

I’ve been using the calendar religiously for a week and while I hate it a lot (I’m a free spirit, man) it works.  The house is staying clean after our cleaning blitz a week ago and I’m logging obligations the minute I learn about them so there’s no room for error on my part.

I know our schedules will conflict more and more as the girls get older, so getting into the habit of using a calendar well NOW seems to be a necessity.

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