February 24, 2010

WFMW-Infomercials don’t ALWAYS lie.

This is my steamer. See?  It’s not pretty.  It’s kind of scuffed up, but that’s because it’s useful.  I use it.  For what?  What don’t I use it for.

Ugly, but good.

1) Cleaning glass.  Super easy.  Hose that glass down with steam and use the squeegee.   Your glass will be sparkling clean in minutes AND no chemicals.

2) All natural soap leave….um…chunks in your shower?  Steam if off.

3) Potty training children leave pee places you don’t want it?  Steam it off! (but, it stinks.  Just thought I should point that out)

4) Gunk around the shoe molding on your baseboards?  You get what I’m saying?

5) Dirty nasty sliding door track?  You guessed it.

It really REALLY does work.  It’s not a gimmick AND best of all?  It’s chemical free and does the job.  I’m all for spending money on products that make your housework easier and this is a biggie.  It really does work for me.

What one just like it?  You can find it at amazon.com (I don’t have to tell you that I don’t make any money from that link, right?)  Want to see what’s working for other people?  Check out WFMW at We are THAT family

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3 thoughts on “WFMW-Infomercials don’t ALWAYS lie.

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    I’m gonna hafta get me one of those. You know what drive me nuts? Faucets! Sure you can get the top part sparkly clean, but where the faucet and handles meet the base? It’s really hard. This sounds like a perfect solution! (Now I’ll save my pennies, cash them in for a free Amazon gift card at Coinstar* and buy one.)
    *I, too, get no compensation. I wonder if these companies appreciate people like us?

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    I’ve always wondered if these really worked!! So it works on the shower??????? Hmmm…. Thanks for the review!!

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