March 3, 2010

A note from Baby Bee

Hi Interwebs,

So, I’ve been rocking this planet for eight months now.  I have to say, it’s pretty good.  Except for peas.  That’s some nasty stuff.

Anyway, I decided to start crawling.  That’s pretty fun.  I can get into all kinds of stuff.  I like eating, in no particular order, fuzz, paper, money and the occasional used dryer sheet.  THose might actually be my favorite.  They taste a lot better than the peas.

Another great thing to do is to scratch your nails on things.    And also to pull yourself up and stand.  That’s cool.  It makes my Mom unhappy, but she’s all  “hey, when you get bigger you can play with your sisters” and then she’s all  “STOP GROWING SO FAST!”

Make up your mind, lady.

But, she pretty consistently says she thinks I’m the cutest baby EVAH (she says it just like that) and I’m not stuck up or anything? But she’s probably right.  I’m super cute.  Don’t you think?

Anyhow, I’m going to keep working on this getting bigger thing (while trying to keep my Mom off my back.  You can’t give me shrinking formula!  It’s illegal! or Something!  Plus, I don’t think it exists).

But really, I am cute.  Mom says jowls are totally in.

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    she is awesome as is her sistes, u don’t make junk

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    Super Cute, indeed! And the jowls are awesome too!

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    That is so cute. It would be great to hear her perspective when it comes to watching mum try to balance work and home life, as well!

    Amanda Alexander PCC (ICF)

    Professional coaching for working mothers

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