March 2, 2010

How NOT to sell your house. At least to me.

Big Daddy and I are househunting.  I tweeted during the search this weekend.  It was…eye opening to say the least.  Since Big Daddy and I are buying a house it makes sense that we’re also selling a house.  I know a lot of people are looking to sell their houses and after having looking at more than a dozen this weekend, I’ve come to the following conclusions

1) I understand your house is vacant and that you want to save money on your heating bills but walking into a house in the middle of February that is minimally heated is uncomfortable. It’s not welcoming.  It’s particularly unpleasant if I have to take off my shoes.  It is worse if you don’t heat your house, want me to take off my shoes AND have tile floors.  Your house?  It doesn’t make me want to stay.  Or linger.  It makes me want to get back in my shoes and go back to my warm car.

We saw two occupied houses that were, of course, comfortable but all the vacant or semi-vacant houses?  Freezing.  Causing me to want to make my exit.  The bank owned home we viewed (and loved) was warmer than the vacant houses we visited.  And, since it was a comfortable temperature it encouraged us to linger.

oh hai house in a blizzard

2) If it’s been snowing, find a way to clear your walks.  Trudging through knee deep snow with Baby Bee really didn’t put me into a very positive mindset.  Even just shoveling the walk would have made a huge difference.  If you couple a lot of snow with a cold house I really REALLY want to go back to the car.

3) If you live in someplace where it snows and if your home is for sale during that snowy time and if you don’t want to shovel your driveway or walk at least put the lockbox on the door you intend it to open.    Having to trudge through said snow from door to door to remove the key to trudge back to the front door to unlock the door is maddening in bad weather.

4) Take your barking dog with you.  Or crate her.  Being trailed around the house being barked at is another unpleasant encounter and, again, not lingering.  But the house?  Lovely.  Would have liked to linger.  Dog?  I don’t care if you say she’s friendly, her hair was standing up on her back and that=not that friendly to me.

BIg plus?  If you’re retro?  Rock it.

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    I haven’t moved house for over 3 years and I suspect I may never get the urge again. And I did my house-hunting in summer!

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