March 11, 2010

I Love Books AND a **Giveaway!**

The little girls have been sick.  It stinks.  Littlebit has handled it pretty well, but it’s made Baby Bee clingy and miserable.  I can’t blog, because if Baby Bee isn’t personally physically abusing me (moms, you know what I mean.  Headbutting, pinching, pulling, etc) she’s sadder than sad.  The Realtor is coming on Saturday to get the house on the market (because ZOMG!  We’re MOVING) and I haven’t been able to get this joint picked up at all.

This leaves me no choice but to go to my happy place.  Between the mess and the stress and the crying; the constant, constant tell-tale heartesque crying, I’ve spent a lot of time in happy places.

When Littlbit arrived at school today, one of my favoritist things had happened.

It was Scholastic Book Order Day!  Not only did the books I ordered last time arrive, but the new book orders had arrived.  BLISS.  FREAKING BLISS!

I love Scholastic Book Club.  It really is a nice way for families to acquire affordable books and I believe strongly in the benefit of a child having books of their own.  Libraries are great.  FANTASTIC.  I LOVE libraries, but the books that hold a place in my heart from my childhood was the dog eared copies I owned myself.  Read over and over and memorized out of love.  Beezus and Ramona.  Little Women.  LIttle House in the Prairie.  The Princess and Littlbit have favorites of their own.  Picture books read lovingly over and over.  No, DavidSkippyjohn Jones. ChrysanthemumPinkilicious. I also love that Scholastic provides books for the classroom.

Books.  Books.  Books.  Books.

So, dear readers, today when I was paging through the book order flyers I decided that I was gong to share some book love with you.  And your little people.  :)

The Details:

Leave a comment making sure to include your name and e-mail address.  Tell me what your kiddos favorite books are.  Next Thursday, I’ll randomly choose a name to win brand new copies of:

Welcome Spring by Little Scholastic

Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn


Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up her Wash by Sarah Weeks

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4 thoughts on “I Love Books AND a **Giveaway!**

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    We love books and are big fans of Scholastic book orders. My guys love reading Curious George, Ready Freddy Books and the Magic Tree House books. I love the Little House on the Prairie books

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    My two pretty much love all books. The girl is in to horses, and tinkerbell and those puppy place books. She also likes to read some of my old favorites like Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books. My little guy is, right now, very deep in to none other than…. Dick and Jane! He told us the other day he was going to learn to read and by golly he did. He sat down and went to work. He caught on quick and he is already sounding out words. I’m pretty stoked considering his age and the fact that we haven’t done anything to push him to read. When we read to him though he likes just about anything from his sister’s Pinkalicious book to boy books about cars and dragons.

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    I meant to say I’m jealous of your Scholastic books. The teachers here just don’t send home the fliers every month like so many schools do. I really miss my monthly fix!

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      We don’t get book orders home from the big one any more. It’s sad, because I’d totally order and it would benefit the class room. We have to make do with Littlebit’s orders which, thankfully, include some books for older kids. I’ve had great luck using the Scholastic Warehouse Sale tostock up too. Great prices on books.

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