March 7, 2010

Menu Plan! Woot!

I’d rather scrub toilets than actually menu plan.  I admit it time and time again, but I love the fact that we don’t scramble at dinner times.

We are going to return to OAMC using and her off the hook, easy peasy OAMC (once a month cooking plans).  We divide the amounts in half and it will create for us 16 dinners, four different lunches and two different breakfast options.  Totally worth the effort.  However, we aren’t going to be doing one large cooking session.  I’ll be doing several small sessions over the course of the next week  We’re quite busy this month and Idon’t have an 8 hour span of time to devote to it.



Homemade corned beef hash, corn bread and fruit

(another easy peasy recipe if you have leftover corned beef and potatoes.  Dice them up and fry them until brown.  Delish!)


Catalina chicken, oven fries and veggies


Chicken pot pie and salad (veering away from once a month mom’s recipe on this one and recreating a dish from last week that we all loved and that should freeze well.


Ravioli Lasagna, garlic bread and salad


Typically out


Usually on the go.

Have you taken time to put together your menu plan for the week?  It’s a time and money saver!

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    Glad you follow the site and are following along. I hope you find the meals you make helpful.

    (And your daughter is adorable. I love that Valentine’s outfit, we have it for Tessa too. So cute!)

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