April 27, 2010

Champagne tastes and a generic beer budget

*names changed to protect lots of stuff

Once upon a time there was this girl. We’ll call her Wittle Llama.  She had a great love for very pretty things.  She would pull out the Schmottery Farm catalog and show her patient, loving husband Wig Laddy the things she thought they should buy to outfit their tiny abode.

Wig Laddy would raise is eyebrow and cock his lip in that way and ask questions about how it was made and how much it cost and blah, blah, blah and always rebuffed her request for a house full of Schmotter Farm furniture.

Because obviously, Wig Laddy didn’t love Wittle Llama at ALL.

But deep down, Wittle  Llama knew that Wig Daddy was right, especially after discovering that $800 doesn’t even buy you WOOD furniture.  It buys your particle board and MDF.

With the pending move, Wittle Llama decided that it was time for their traditional entertainment center and piers to move on to Aunt Waren and greener pastures.  She began to consider how she would talk Wig Laddy into an $800 piece of MDF furniture from Schmottery Barn.  Because it was perfect.  Just what they were looking for.

And then one day, Wittle Llama found a website.  And there, in it’s entires, was the Schmottery Barn media console she’d be coveting but there were plans on how to make it yourself.  This was perfect!  Just what she wanted!

But, Wig Laddy didn’t build things. EVAH.  Wittle Llama pleaded.  She bargained. She pointed out how wonderful it would be if they could build their own lovely furniture.  Out of wood.  REAL wood.

Real wood sold Wig Laddy, but he didn’t build things.  Evah.  But they had this friend. Um, Ron, who did.  And so Wittle Llama called Ron and asked if he could mentor she and Wig Laddy through the building process and because Ron is awesome he said sure.

So, last Sunday, Wittle Mama, Wig Laddy, Ron and his wife, um, Jim (Some things are hard to rhyme, man. Jim is not a man and I figured it was better than Dim which she is NOT), hung out and Ron taught Wig Laddy how to make something.

And Wittle Llama is in love.


I will be building the doors, putting in the shelves, sanding and staining but it will be in our house soon and I’m so excited to see it finished.

If you haven’t, check out Knock Off Wood!

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    Haha, cute. At first, I had no idea what was going on in that post. I walked away and started making lunch…. and then it dawned on me. I may be a little slow, but once I figured it out, your story was very entertaining.

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