April 3, 2010

Home is….

…the fourth house on the right on a quiet cul de sac.  It has an expanse of front yard, a long flat driveway and a wide, welcoming front porch.  There’s a baseketball hoop on the garage where Big Daddy and the girls can shoot hoops.  It’s a short walk to the park and the girls will catch the bus at the end of the street.

There’s an office for Big Daddy.  With a window looking out to the back yard.  In the brief time we stood looking at the back yard cardinals and blue jays swooped in and out.  The kitchen is big enough for three girls and Big Daddy and me.  There’s room for concoctions and crafts and helpers.

There’s a play room, ready to be taken over by our little girls.  There’s a basement ready for us to finish when we need to expand.  There’s a master bedroom with a great big bathroom that has a great big tub.  It’s set off by itself, across a walkway and behind french doors.

It is ready for us and our three lovely girls and in June it will be our new home.

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    I’m really excited for you guys! I hope you have a lot of wonderful years there!

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      Thanks so much. :) I think we won’t be far away then, so we’ll have to meet up at some point.

    […] As everyone now knows, we’re moving.  Yay!(actually, I’m moving intot he ZOMG!  What are we DOING phase, but it’s still good).  Big Daddy and I have decided that we need to eat through the freezer/cabinets so we’re not moving one extra thing.  I see no reason to move a lot of food, short of spices and a few specialty items. […]

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    That house looks amazing! I love the look from the outside.

    Stopping by from SITS! Happy Monday!

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