April 12, 2010

Now you’re cooking with…beer?

Wen Big Daddy and I were married, he was the cook.  I was terrible.  I made runny Kraft Mac and Cheese and a LOT of Shake and Bake.  I don’t know that Big Daddy was that good of a cook, but he was better than me.  In the nearly eleven years we’ve been married, my skill has improved and now I’m pretty good at cooking.

But Big Daddy?  He does all the grilling.  I could, of course, but Big Daddy’s just always done it.  One of Big Daddy’s specialties is Bratwurst.    I know what you’re thinking, but Bratwurst at our house?  Delish.  Big Daddy dumps tem into a pan, crushes in some garlic, smothers them in Guinness and boils them until they get on the cusp of being done and then grills them.  They taste amazing and are all brown and caramel-y.   Paired with spicy brown mustard and chopped onions they are summer.   In July, we eat them with corn and watermelon.    We made them for Littlebit’s first birthday.  We’re making them today.  They are LOVELY.

But that’s not the only cooking we do with Guinness.  We LOVE Guinness Beef Stew.

Mmmmmmmm...one good thing about cold weather.

We love chicken drumsticks marinated in Guinness and spices and grilled.   We made beer cheese dip with Guinness on Christmas Eve. The other day I found  a recipe for Guinness-gasm cupcakes.  We’ll be sure to make them.

Chow.com f featured ten recipes to make with Guinness.   They all sound good, but I’m notsure any of them can touch Big Daddy’s brats on a hot summer’s day…

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    Not so sure about the Guiness Ice Cream, but the rest in the top ten list sound tasty.

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