April 13, 2010

One good thing about sisters.

Before Baby Bee was born, Big Daddy and I worried about how Littlebit would take a new baby.  We were afraid that she’d be jealous and that, with her speech delay, would act out since she’d be unable to express herself.  Our worry was all for naught as from the moment Littlebit saw her sister, she was in love.


The thing is, Littlebit loves rough.  She catches Baby Bee around the neck with half-nelson like hugs, proclaiming Baby Bee to be her best friend while Baby Bee yells for mercy.  Big Daddy and I frequently feel sorry for Baby Bee who is mugged by hugs and knocked over by kisses.  But today, when Baby Bee took off behind her little stroller walking toy,  Littlebit grabbed her pompoms and cheered her across the floor.

The Littlest One, The Middlest 3 Replies to “One good thing about sisters.”


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    precious just precious

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    Better to love rough than not to love at all. She’s such a sweetheart. Give her a half-nelson hug from me.

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    My Kai is the same way. I love they can play together the way they do. The things Kaila gets away with with Brooklin shock me. She’s so much more lenient on her.

    Your girls are beautiful!

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