April 7, 2010

Shirring! You Should!

For the past several years, I’ve bought preshirred fabric to make sundresses at my local fabric stores. Both my big girls love these sundresses. They wear them until they don’t fit or become so short Big Daddy refuses to let them be worn anymore. The problem with the preshirred material is that your options are limited. If you want too long in the season, the selection gets seriously picked over. Sometimes what’s cute isn’t in the right length (Littlebit was almost too tall for the adorable brown polka-dot sundress I made for her last year).

If you’re a beginning sewist, these dresses are the way to go.  One seam up the back with straps.  You can make them from fabric from the dress or use ribbon.  Your choice.  Wonderful.  Easy.   But…frustrated with the limitations, why not make your own shirred fabric sundresses?

I followed the easy tutorial at Pretty Ditty and I made this:

Littlebit LOVES it.  She picked the fabric.  If I were to make this dress again, however, I’d change something.  Of course. (When you fly by the seat of your pants, you’d always change SOMETHING).  I’d sew the dress parts together (bodice and skirt) and then shirr.  It was really hard gathering and attaching the skirt.  Why not do it all in one piece?  I wanted a fuller skirt.   Want some more direction? Check out:

So, what are you waiting for?  Go make something!

FYI-My Hobby Lobby did NOT carry elastic thread NOR did my local Wal-Mart which still carries fabric.  I had to buy mine at Joann’s.  It comes on a spool and you can find it with the regular elastic.

Hey!  Want to heck out what other people are making? Check out:

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