April 5, 2010

So, that leftover Easter ham?

This didn’t suck…


You can find the well reviewed, high rated recipe at All Recipies.  The best part, I bet you have everything you need to make it in your pantry.  It gets a yummy, crispy crust on it.  I skipped the paprika on top AND opted not to add salt, since I was adding ham.

Have more ham than that?  Don’t forget to give Lumberjack Hash a try.  I serve it with fruit and cornbread.  It’s kind of like brinner and everyone loves it.

Didn’t you just post a menu plan yesterday?  Yes.  I did.  However, we decided to buy a ham anyhow and since there were leftovers, I opted to leave frozen food frozen and eat ham leftovers.  Because I like ham leftovers.

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