April 14, 2010

Stopping Time

I often say, I wish I could stop time.  That I could stop us just as we are right now; with the Princess a docile pre-teen that still likes some little girl things and Littlebit as a vibrant preschooler who “needs to talk” and with Baby Bee as an adorable baby with sweet little teeth.

Want to eat her up with a spoon? Stand in line!

Tonight I was going back through some pictures when I realized something.  I like  the kids growing.  I like how they change.  I like how they learn new things and get smarter.  I like having conversations with the Princess.  I like how Littlebit run and skips to grab my hand and I like how Baby Bee plays peek-a-boo around my camera.  I guess I wouldn’t pick to freeze time, but I would wish to go back.

I’d love to go back to when this kid fit into my lap.  She’s as tall as me now and her shoes are bigger than mine, but if I could shrink  her back to a funny preschooler again for any amount of time, I’d do it.

The Princess-Age 3
The Princess Age 3

I’d love to go back to when this kid was a toddler.  When I was unraveling her mystery.  She talks nearly a mile a minute now and has grown nearly a handful of inches over the winter, but if I could shrink her back to a chubby toddler for a even a few seconds, I would.

Littlebit-13 months

I’d love to go back to when this one was new.  She can nearly walk now and I think she might be able to even talk,but if I could shrink her back to a wrinkly newborn whose bum was as big as my hand, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Baby Bee-Three Hours Old

I guess I wouldn’t want to stop time, but I’d love to have a time machine.

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    Hey. Those there kids are cute!

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      And it’s a darn good thing, too.

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