April 21, 2010

The next sound you hear will be my head exploding

Remember that we’re moving?  I’ve only mentioned that a time or five.  You might have also gleaned, by now, that I’m neurotic.  I like to think it’s charming.  I’d rather you not tell me otherwise.

Once Big Daddy and I realized that there was no way for us to sell our house and not take a bath we started talking to real estate investors.  We figured if were losing five figures, we’d rather not deal with showings.  It seemed to make good sense and a few weeks ago we found an investor that decided to take our house and we would pay them the low, low price of Twenty Five Thousand Dollars for the honor.

Yeah, it’s horrifying.  I hate it.  Moving on.

Two weeks ago, the Realtor who works with the investor called us.  Someone wanted to look at the house.

Say what?

Big Daddy and I discussed things.  We saw no reason to show the house.  We’d lose the same amount of money and have to do a butt load of work to make the house clean again.  We passed.

This week the Realtor called again.  The investors had a person interested in leasing the house.  Could they see it?  Big Daddy and I agreed.  The investors need to get their money out of it and if they have a client, we wouldn’t prevent them.

Tonight the Realtor called again.  Five people want to see our house this Sunday.

F-I-V-E people.

You know what that means?  I have to clean this joint.  I have to make it tidy and pretty because five people?  I have to make someone love it.

Ignore cute, observe mess.

Did I mention my kids are sick?  Not the big one, the two little ones.  The big one has a week full of soccer, girl scouts, soccer and more soccer.    The two little ones are letting me get about four hours of sleep a night IF someone takes pity on me and lets me sleep in for two extra hours (Which the Princess did on Monday and Big Daddy did on Tuesday).

And some of the walls need to be repainted because of greasy little kid hands and some sort of phantom poop thing.  And someone needs to clean up the front flower beds.  And someone needs to buy a replacement light shade for the kitchen fixture, buy about fifty seven light bulbs, buy a new toilet seat and clean the lime scale out of the shower.  Again.

And be here Thursday and Friday afternoon for the appliance repair man.

No one is in the fetal position crying in the corner.  Who would do that?

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    Oh Man…my head would explode too. The cleaning and trying to keep a house presentable with kiddos is a tough job. You can do it…good luck!

    Thanks fro coming by 504 Main on SITS Day.

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