May 21, 2010

A Plethora of Linky Awesomeness

Due to a funk (It’s hard to care much about creative endeavors when you’re contemplating the death of your Mom or twisted in knots over house crap and car crap) Ive been stock piling a huge collection of webby awesomeness.  And, while i won’t be  partaking yet, you can bet I’ll be rifling through this page when we finally get into the new house.

Because, people, we’re moving.  So, enjoy these links and be crafty for me, kay?

I love this on the go art satchel from Lovely Little Sweepeas.  I bet the Princess and Littlebit would too.

These pool noodles are so inexpensive, so I’m putting the marble launch on our summer to-do list.

This Butterfly Project from LollyChops is so beautiful and it looks pretty easy too.

These Fairy Rompers? From Samster Mommy?  To. Die. FOR.  I can just imagine Littlebit and Baby Bee flitting around the house in them.

I love this easy felt bow tutorial from Bird Crafts.  Hairclips anyone?

This Knot Me Tie Skirt?  I LOVE it SO much.  LIttlebit had a skirt like this last year and I adored it.

Little Nummies? The whole site is incredible!

This bow tie pasta from See Jane in the Kitchen looks both amazing AND easy.

I’m totally making this DIY fountain from BLJ Graves Studio for the new house.

I adore these Hallway signs from A Place For Us.  They’re beautiful!

This car diddy bag is getting made in triplicate as soon as my sewing machine is set back up.

This terracotta pot planter is so pretty.  It’s on my list too.

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    It has been a long time and I feel like I have missed so much. The new design is fun. So happy for you on the new house. There will be so many more memories in the new house. Sorry to hear about your Mom and will keep you in my prayers.

    Thanks for all the linky awesomeness. With links like this, I wish I had a girl.

    Hang in there. I will be thinking of you.

    […] and involved packing and freaking out, I found a tutorial to make an awesome planter.  I shared it via a link love Friday post and decided that it would look awesome on my new awesome porch and declared that I would be making […]

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