June 16, 2010

Kale Pesto–Your Blender Won’t Like it

So, I finally ran into the one compelling reason to have a food processor.  My blender?  Hates making pesto.  Apparently.  Maybe all blenders do.  Maybe it’s just mine.  Maybe it’s just Kale pesto, but in any case my blender was all “Oh No you DIDN’T” when I tried making kale pesto in it.  The results?  The pesto is a little chunky and not smooth, but edible so we press onward.

When Big Daddy and I discussed getting our first CSA share, my main concern during the early part of June was the amounts of greens we get.

I like lettuces (not bitter ones) and spinach.  But that’s about the end of what I want to eat in regards to greens.  But, of course, in our first CSA pickup we got a bag of lettuce (fine), a bag of spinach (fine) and kale.  ZOMG. Kale.  What can you make with Kale?  Um…wilted kale.  Kale.  Some more Kale and soup.

That didn’t seem to be reasonable to me, so I kept googling and sure enough for a reciepe calling for the kale to be made into pesto.  And pairing them with tomatoes and mozzarella and I was like HELLO!

And so I give you Rustic Tomato Pie with Kale Pesto

First, my blender.  So cranky.  Didn’t like the process.  I had to keep popping off the lid and turning things around myself with a spoon.  But, it got MOSTLY to the consistency of pesto.  Add, honestly, while the consistency wasn’t perfect I didn’t notice much when we ate the finished product.

I really should have gotten a picture of the pie before I folded the crust over because it really was pretty.  It sort of looked like an Italian flag in pie form.  All red and white and green.

It did take longer to cook in my oven.  I think my new oven may run a bit cold, but it needed 25 minutes as opposed to the 15 to 20 stated to get crispy and brown and melty.

The verdict?  Big Daddy and I deamed it yummy and we’d totally make it again.  The girls were a little less sure, but Littlebit liked the tomatoes.

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    What a fun and different recipe. I totally want to try it.

    And yes, you totally need a food processor for pesto. :)

    (popped in from SITS)

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    That looks so good!

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

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    I’ve never had kale but that looks really yummy. Maybe I’ll try it.

    Stopping by from SITS to welcome you!

    Cheers :-)
    – CoconutPalmDesigns

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