June 30, 2010

Room Reform Project #1-The Playroom

Our new house is nearly twice as big as our old one.  When we finish the basement in the next few years, it will be almost three times as big.  The glut of space feels like a huge luxury.  Not that our old house was tiny, it’s wasnt!  But, we’d outgrown it and we felt packed in on top of each other and pressed together.

Since I’ve had children,  their primary play space has been in the living room.  I HATED it.  I hated that we had no better place for them to spread out and play and more than that?  I HATED the toys and books and games and puzzles that cluttered our space.

Now, the only things in th living room are one shelf of books and a small bin of toys.  Why?

Because now we have a Playroom! <insert heavenly choir singing Hallelujah right here>

The space is huge.  It has two great closets.  It has two lovely windows.  It’s small enough to be cozy but big enough to be useful.  It’s perfect.

Except for right now?  It looks like this.

The t.v. is on my craft desk, ya’ll.  My Craft desk.  Do you know what that means?  No crafting.

Obviously, when your house size grows so much, you’re probably lacking furniture.  We’re lacking furniture, but the perfect space is still there.  In my head.  Waiting to come to fruition.  It just involves two trips to home depot and a trip to ikea and maybe target or something.


The above plan includes our old furniture that I’ll be buying a new slip cover for.  I’m totally sad that the white with black floral that I had planned on seems to be discontinued.  So, I’m thinking I’m going to fall back to white.

You know, I’ve looked and looked at furniture, I really prefer the lines of the things we bought at ikea to anything else that’s out there.  It’s simple and clean and classic and since we’ve sat on this stuff for four years, I’m pretty sure of their quality.    The nice thing about this line, is that the slip covers are interchangeable AND washable.  I have kids.  This is HUGE.  And, the white makes things clean and versitle.

Originally, I was going pink.  I have girls, man.  Pink is IT, but I want our space to  be a little more multi-purpose, so these two fabrics for window covers, pillows and other odds and ends are winging their way to our house as we speak.

Once we get the main players in the room (including furniure we’re making ourselves from Ana White’s AMAZING Knock off wood plans including making her amazing cubby desk for yours truly) we’ll start accessorizing.  Honestly, I can’t wait to get our room in shape and to share our progress with you.

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