June 28, 2010

The Menu Plan is BACK!

I know you all missed it.  I actually considered not restarting this feature when I got back to the blog after our move, but the truth is *I* like it and find it useful and hopefully it inspires someone else in the kitchen too.

I have mentioned that Big Daddy and I joined a CSA this summer.  I LOVE it.  I love eating fresh berries on the way home from picking up our share.  I love supporting local farmers who are growing  organically and sustainably.  I love getting e-mail from the CSA organizer reminding us to soak our organic broccoli in salt water to get the worms out (okay, I didn’t love that, but I’ll be soaking my broccoli for sure) and I LOVE the fresh veggies and new recipes.

Last week, we got zucchini in our share box.  Just one, but big enough to make a batch of zucchini which is a huge favorite in our house during the summers.  My favorite recipe is from my Betty Crocker cookbook with chocolate chips addes.


Garlic Scape Carbonara, green salad and crusty bread


Grilled Chicken, Broccoli Salad and crash hot potatoes


Mediterranean Pasta with Greens and crusty bread


Chicken Lo Mein and egg rolls


Still pizza and movie night


On the run, usually.


Chicago style bbq ribs* (yeah, we didn’t know there was a Chicago style rib either), foil potatoes, corn, watermelon, Summer Berry Trifle

*you must become a member of the site to get the recipe.  We have the DVR’ed episode of the show, so we’re just going to use that.

Fresh local produce is really starting to come into season.  Be sure to take advantage of what is fresh, in season and local.

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    I have eaten the same thing for 4 days, my turkey meatballs on flat out wraps and 64 calorie beer then I go to bed and repeat!! So jealous of actual menus!!

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      I can’t eat the same thing that many days in a row. I get bored. Its why I always feel bad about feeding the dog and the baby the same thing day after day.

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