July 18, 2010

7 links that are me

If you want to learn about me in a nutshell, start here:

1) Two years ago, I opened this blog with The Princess’s first day of school. So much has changed in our family since that time, and I love seeing my darling Littlebit hurrying through our yard in her sweet little ruffle-butt jammies.

2) The post I most enjoyed writing was a small homage to my and Big Daddy’s marriage as we celebrated our 11th anniversary this summer.

3) I really wasn’t surprised that my comments about Wal-Mart got the reaction that it did (of course, I can’t say bad things about Wal-Mart now, since I managed to find our tenant there)

4)One of my favorite blogs is Small Notebook and her post about Over complicating Your To-Do list spoke to me. LOUDLY. Are you an over-achiever? If so, you MUST read it.

5) One of my favorite tips for around the house was featured in my post The Power of 10 Things. Maybe it will help you out too?

6)How Little Bit Got Her Croup Back and Misadventures in Pants Making is my favorite titled post EVER. Luckily, I like the post too. It’s me. In a total, tidy, tied up yet still messy nutshell.

7) Saying Yes, while my favorite post, was one of my most difficult to write. I really wish more people had gotten an opportunity to read this one. It’s now buried in the archives, but if you have a spare second, please check it out.

I created this post as prompt from problogger.net’s 7 link challenge. If you’re new, I hope it gives you a good idea of who I am and if you’ve been reading a while, I hope it gives you the opportunity to discover some undiscovered gems. Happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “7 links that are me

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    Awesome links! I really enjoyed going through them all and I like your photos!

    I love your design too, very nice. Good luck in the challenge!

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    Love your blog. Great idea for a list post. Versus my three bulletts and rambling on lol but thanks for visiting. Ill be back here for sure :)

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    perfect way to discover your blog! i’ll check some of those out, especially saying yes.

    nice to meet you. :)

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      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s nice to meet you too. :)

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