July 14, 2010

Washington DC

Even though it was hot one day and rainy the next, we managed to have a great time.  I think it’s one of my favorite family trip destinations.  If you stay on the weekends hotels come cheap and nearly all must see attractions are FREE (the best word ever when you’re traveling with your family).

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The monuments and landmarks at night are must sees, so after dinner and a nap at the hotel there are still things to see and do AND the parking situation is a lot better.

Waterfall at FDR Memorial

The architecture is amazing.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial


Jefferson Memorial

And so photogenic (we were so lucky to get an over cast day).

While parking isn’t always easy, you can park in lots and walk into the Mall and to the memorials.  You can even discover something beautiful and thought provoking along the way.

George Mason

And there are so many reminders of the things that make this country so very amazing.  Our collective history and the tenants our country was founded on.

Jefferson Memorial

And reminders  about the people we’re supposed to be.

We’re already thinking of when our next trip will be.

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