July 29, 2010


The Princess returns to school in less than a month.  As usual, this makes me both happy and sad.  I like having my whole family home-sometimes.  I like being together with my three every day-sometimes.  I get a little misty when I see my girls getting older-all the time.  I’m excited for them to start something new and to see where they’re going to go-sometimes.  While at the same time, wishing I could freeze them just as they are and as we all are together-sometimes.

This week has been FULL of summer.  Of sleeping in.  Of playing outside.  Of playing inside.  Of staying up late.  Of going out and doing fun things with my girls as a threesome during the day.  Of playing basketball in the driveway.   Of trips to the library and reading curled up in corners on hot summer afternoons.  Of making and doing and being and exploring.  Just the things I love.

It even kept me from blogging.

I know blogging rule #1 is to post consistently and not sporadically, but I want to be with these little people more than anything in the world.   So we watch movies and snuggle and read books over and over again.  We eat ice cream.  We talk.

We also painted with ice cubes, as I talked about in my Before Summer Ends post.  The girls only seemed to  only like it okay, even though it looks like they’re having a ton of fun in this picture.

I always want the most magical summer. I try to plan things that are going to wow the kids.  Every year, I pour through websites and books and magazines to give us the best summer ever, but as usual I over achieve.  The best magic is right here…

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