July 22, 2010

I just want to write (but do I want paid for it??)

This week, I started a process to help drive more traffic to my blog.  I bought an e-book and have been joining in on the process with nearly 500 other women from a blog community.  The goal is to make my blog better and therefore make people want to read it, visit more frequently and send me things.

Kidding about the last part.

I like cookies.

Last night, Big Daddy (who is my own personal tech guru) and I were talking about what exactly I wanted my blog to be.

Me: Well, I just want people to find it and read it, you know? (obviously, I was in hippie mode last night)

Him: <blink, blink>

Me: I mean, I want people to search for something my blog is about and just find me.  Like, all organic and stuff.  I don’t want to have to MAKE someone read it.  I just want them to find it and like it and read it.

Him: <blink, blink>

Clearly, this is why I’m not a famous singer because my idea of “busting into the biz” was to sing loudly in my bedroom with the windows open HOPING that someone who just happened to be driving down the road AND have an unsigned recording contract in their car would hear me, be enamored and make me a supahstar.

How that is working out for me is SUPER obvious.  But, I have stage fright, so it  probably didn’t work out toob bad considering that.

BUT, I am left with a conundrum.

  1. I want more people to read my blog because I like to write and…well…I want people to read it
  2. But I don’t want to MAKE anyone read it.  You should just WANT to (and magically know exactly how to find me).
  3. I want to stay all pure as the driven snow in regards to ad content, etc.
  4. But, publicizing a blog takes time and maybe getting paid enough to buy a coffee every couple of months wouldn’t suck

I’m conflicted.  It’s what I do best.

The only way to have your blog read by more people than your family, is to promote it.  Period.    Well, and to put out good content, but I’ve seen blogs with tons of traffic where the content sucks.  They’re just good marketers.  And I’ve seen blogs where the content is AMAZING, but the readership is small because they to either want things to grow organically or don’t want to/don’t know how to promote/market themselves.  And I’ve struggled, for YEARS with trying to decide how I would market my blog or even if I should. Somewhere on the Internet is a blog holding hundreds more posts that I decided to leave obscure while I worked on my writing here.  But even though I started this blog TO promote it, I still struggle with whether or not I want to.

While I am not promoting i am beholden to no one.  If i want to post ten times a week and then take a month off, I can do that.  Since the only people who regularly read me are my aunt and some spammer in Thailand, I can do that.  If I want to rant about politics, I don’t chance losing readers.  What’s my Aunt gong to do?  Disown me?

(The answer is she will not because she loves me and I’m her favorite).

But while I’m not promoting, people aren’t reading the things I have to say.  They’re not learning from the things I’ve learned already and  they’re not being inspired by the things that have inspired me.

So, what’s a girl to do?

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6 thoughts on “I just want to write (but do I want paid for it??)

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    I really enjoy reading your posts- you have a great sense of humor and I just get what you’re saying!

    There is a sweet spot between content & marketing. I think we have to spend time on both as bloggers, and we have to find a way to market that feels genuine and open. I opened my blog because I wanted to practice my writing voice, but more than that, I hope to be useful out here.

    This 31DBBB experience is the start of the process for me; you seem to have more blogging experience than I. I love that we’re moving forward as a team, and I’m personally committed to building real partnerships that will extend beyond this month’s exercise.


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    I totally get this. I sit on the fence and tend to swing my feet from one side to the other. Ultimately, I always end up going ad-free. Because I’ve had some friends who have ads and then regret it. They worry about whether or not what their writing is what the ad people want them to write. I have too much conflict in my life to add more to that! :-)

    Also…I don’t market my blog well. But I have been to several blog conferences and made actual friends and that has definitely increased my traffic. I also join in when I see a link-up that I’m actually interested in, like You Capture or Greeblepix or Weekly Winners or Mouthwatering Monday. I have found that I’m more likely to find other blogs I really like that way…because we have something in common.

    Point being: Once upon a time my goal was more readers. But somewhere along the way I realized that it’s not about that(for me, at least). I have made friendships through my blog that will last. I have seen some bloggers rise to (blogger) “fame”. I have seen some bloggers shut down completely and walk away.

    I will never be a “big name blogger” and I’m ok with that. Finally. It took me a long time to get to that point, though. I write what I want when I want to write it. I have what it’s like to be me in “print” for my kids to see one day, so they’ll know what I was like when they were growing up. And those two things are what’s really important to me. And that makes me happy.

    (Wow! Sorry for this REALLY LONG comment!)

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    I love your blog. Jon built a web site you a company a while ago that isn’t really taking off like the company thought it would. It’s sharedpen.com It may be a way for you to make a little $$ writing. You should check it out.


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    You have 3 readers, your Aunt, the spammer from Thailand and me. I love reading your blogs, and have never read blogs before, so this is new for me. I actually visit the websites you mention, make some of the food you rave about, and turn green with envy with how creative you are with the sewing machine, etc!! Love it, and proud to be one of 3!!

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      Thank so much, Leslie. :) I’m so glad you read too and i can add you to my list (1) aunt, 2) that spammer 3) Leslie). It means a lot to me that people are reading and enjoying my blog.

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