July 9, 2010

When we sleep…

…without little people in the middle I crawl over to his side of the bed.  I wedge my shoulder under his arm and nuzzle the top of my head into his neck.  There’s a place there, just under his collar bone that is mine.  That is the best place on earth.  Where I sleep with the sound of his heart beating in my ear.  Where it smells like a summer’s day.   Where it is always warm and always safe.  And mine. No one’s but mine.

If I live a hundred more years, I hope this is always my favorite place.  That I always fall asleep there.  Warm and safe and lucky and loved.

I love you, darling boy.  Happy Anniversary.

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    This briught tears to my eyes!!So happy that my first little girl has her Knight HUGS Margie

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