August 12, 2010

Family Move Night-Curious George

A little more than a year ago, Big Daddy and I put down money on a house that we didn’t buy.  At that time, though, we realized that we needed to save money for the financial mess that was pending in our future (you remember that fiasco, don’t you?.  Like a lot of Americans, we knew we had to scale back and work a little harder at making our own fun.  We bought $5 pizzas from LIttle Ceasar’s and started having Family Movie Night (choosing movies from our own DVD collection).

At the same time, I stumbled across a blog by a woman who was doing Family Movie Night too, but she had themes.  THEMES.  Desserts to go along with the movie the movie they were watching.  I loved that idea, but life changed and things changed and it never got off the ground.

After Big Daddy shared with me how much money we’d spent the last few months, I knew that it was time to tighten the belt a little bit, so Family Movie Night Fridays seemed like the answer.  But this time?  I was bringing it!

Curious George Family Movie Night

For dinner, we basically had fondue.  I made this basic cheese fondue recipe,  a basic hot dog chili dip and some herbs in olive oil for bread dipping.

I cubed up bread, put out veggies and cut up some hot dogs.  I gave everyone a shish kabob skewer and we pretended they were jungle spears and we dipped our way through dinner. The kids really liked this.

We also did a few rounds of who could make the best jungle animal noise.

  • Littlebit was the best monkey
  • Big Daddy was the best lion (even though we concluded that lions don’t live in the jungle and it was ironic because they are the kings of it.)
  • The Princess was the best elephant
  • I was the best bird
  • Baby Bee was the best adorable small baby throwing her food to the dog.

After dinner (boy, are cupcakes an incentive to get kids to help you clean up) we made monkey cupcakes.  Normally, the monkey cupcakes I’ve seen have called for Nutter Butter cookies (which are a no-no in our house due to the Princess’s peanut allergy), but we improvised…

We made yellow cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate ice cream.

We used Vanilla Wafers for the monkey’s muzzle, chocolate chips for their eyes and rolos for their ears.  However, we found that the rolos were a bit heavy and the monkeys that had half vanilla wafer ears worked better and looked cuter.

Some red gel icing made monkey mouths.

The girls were super proud of their creations.  They even acted like monkeys in honor of them.

We capped off our nights by eating our monkey cupcakes while watching Curious George.  The movie.  Not the PBS series, even though I like that too (but I liked it better with William H. Macy as the narrator, if anyone’s asking).

More Monkey Activities

Want more monkey activities for your own monkey themed movie night? Check out DLTK’s monkey crafts page,  PBS Kids’ Curious George Parent-Child activity page, or for older kids, these adorable pipe cleaner monkeys.

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11 thoughts on “Family Move Night-Curious George

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    Em was very excited about this and kept the secret from Cadie, whispering to me all the fun and how happy Cadie would be!!

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    I’m visiting from #31DBBB blog frog community! Wow, you take your movie nights really seriously! How fun!

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    I love the monkey cupcakes! You have a great blog- I’m so scared to try a cool WP theme- I need to get brave sometime and try it, but I’m so new to WP… someday. Hope you are enjoying the 31DBB Challenge!

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    This is so cool! Not just movie night but themed AND with the best desserts. This is something I can totally do. I’m so glad you were linked on the SITS #31DBBB post.

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    Love the Monkey Cupcakes – they look awesome. Definitely a winner for getting kids to clean up!

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    I can totally related to the whole tightening-the-belt reality of today, as we are doing the same thing in our household. The Curious George movie night looked like a blast from the pics. Can’t wait to hear what next Friday’s theme will be. :-)

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    With the economy headed south, there’s belt tightening in our household too. I love the detailed account you gave of your family movie night with your monkey cupcakes with rolo ears. :-)
    I have to say that both the account and pictures of the rolo eared monkeys made me chuckle and then … crave a rolo. See, I used to love rolos back in college but hadn’t had them in years.
    Oh, the power of the written word and pictures… I took one look at the rolo eared monkey cupcake and will be heading out the door to buy and eat some today.
    This is a Day 26 of the 31DBBB Challenge visit.
    Keep up the great work and keep blogging. I have enjoyed visiting you and will bookmark your blog.

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    Wow – I want to party with you! Cheese fondue and cupcake decorating – you rock!!
    I’m going to start Family Movie Night with my hubby (no kids – but we need to stay at home and save some money too!)

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    What a great idea! I love the theme night. We have movie nights at home too. But what a fun way to make it even more special. Tonight we have Monsters and Aliens planned. Now I need to think of some ideas.

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    I separated from my ex when my girls were 2 & 6 (they are now 14 & 20), so money was real tight. I developed a “movie night” for us each Friday night. Sometime after supper, we would pile blankets & pillows on the living room floor. The girls would pick out a movie & I would pop popcorn & I always had some sort of chocolate. We’d turn off the lights & snuggle in for the night.

    It was a great tradition. If one of their friends were spending the night, the first thing they would ask was “is it movie night?”

    Take it from someone on a very limited budget, you can make great memories & traditions without spending a lot of money.

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    Such a great idea!! I love this, and it’s a such a good solution to the cut-backs happening throughout American households, mine included! I’ve found summer picnics to be a great solution as well… makes having simple sandwiches and sides an acceptable dinner. :)

    Thanks for the fun photos as well!


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