August 6, 2010

First Friday in August’s Linky Love

I know, I’m trying hard to be creative with these titles, and I’m probably totally just sucking it up, but I should get points for trying.


We’ve had sort of an off kilter week. I think Baby Bee might be teething and all the girls got colds which made them crabby and no one is sleeping well and ISN’T IT TIME FOR SCHOOL YET??!?


And Thursday I had a Costco trip that you probably wouldn’t believe even if I told you. Damn you, leaded juices!! But even crankiness and major faux pas, can’t stop the link love.


These paper stars from  City Cradle Design are amazing! Seriously. I’d love to make about a million.


I paid an obscene amount of money for pettiskirts for the Princess and Littlebit two years ago, but this turotial from Make it and Love it for Full and Fluffy pettiskirts makes it seem like maybe I could try making one and getting good results.  They look similar to the one I bought, see?


Littlebit-Age 2


I would eat this Broccoli and Chicken Lasagna from Taste of home.  Oh yes, I would.


And on the broccoli theme (which may be growing fresh in your garden right now and leaving you wondering what you’re going to DO with it), check out Sweet Jeanette’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup.


This article on how to improve your writing (without improving your writing) by Adventuroo was a fun read on how to make your writing more readable.


Homeschooling or not, these 24 Short and Sweet Preschool Math Activities from Math Insider are totally going onto Littlebit’s activity rotation.


I loved this post from Multiple Mama about all the things she does (or doesn’t have to do) in her shoes.


Living the Good Life talked about 7 reasons why you can’t make up your mind. Is it obvious if I say most of them applied to me.


I seriously did NOT know that you could do THIS many things with cucumbers?  Got too many of them in your garden too?  This list ought to use up a few of them for you.  Cellulite remover?  Are you kidding me?


Got a great link you want me to share on my next link love Friday? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to feature you.

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5 thoughts on “First Friday in August’s Linky Love

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    Thanks for including my site in your Linky love. I seem to be in great company! Living the Good Life and Multiple Mama write so well about what’s in my mind as a busy mom and Adventuroo’s writing tips are so easy to follow. The recipes look delicious and now I know what to do with left over cucumber!
    Thanks for highlighting these great posts!

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      Thanks so much for being a part of this weeks link love Caroline. I love finding great ideas and bloggers to share. :o)

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    Thanks for the shout out, chica!
    And oh that pettiskirt– that’s adorable!

    Off to read a few of these articles…

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      I love the series. I always look forward to reading it on Monday. :)

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