August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Can you believe that summer is drawing to a close? I know it’s just the second week of August, but the Princess’s summer vacation is nearly finished and we’re counting down to the start of school.

Next week, I have a week of last hurrah’s planned for the five of us, but this week we’re doing business as usual and looking forward to our last few leisurely weeks.

I will admit, though, I like when school starts. Forget Jan 1, this is my own personal New Year. I love the return to order and routines and schedules. Oh yes, I do.


Turkey Bake with Whole Wheat Pasta (leftover from last week) with salad (with veggies from our CSA share!)


Chicken and veggie risotto with garlic bread (There’s no recipe for this, but it’s one of our favorite.  Basically, you make risotto and toss in cooked chicken and whatever veggies you have on hand.)


CSA pickup day

Pepper Steak over Rice with veggies


Left blank.  We’re hoping to take the girlies on a surprise day trip!


Pizza Night!


Kids cooking night.

We started this with the girls last week and while it was more work, it was a hit with them

Easy chicken and cheese enchiladas with veggies


Grilled chicken, grilled veggies and foil potatoes.  We’re making the most of what’s left of summertime!

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

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    Sounds like a yummy week’s menu!!

    Visiting from SITS.

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    It seems strange to read about your end of summer plans while we endure the last weeks of winter.

    From the above list I might turn up on your doorstep Monday night – oh I dont know where your doorstep is.
    Oh well.
    I was a 31DBBB chosen blog the other day – I hope you get losts and lots of visitors.

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    Wish I could get my act together and do a weekly menu plan! Yours looks great and really attainable. I like the way your plan is flexible and includes leftovers. The cooking night with the kids is great. My 2.5 year old daughter is a budding masterchef she loves helping me to chop mushrooms and spinach for stir fries. It definitely takes more time but it is so worth it. Really great way to encourage children to learn more about what they eat and make healthy choices.

    Visting from BlogFrog/SITS. Hope you are enjoying the 31DBBB experience.

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