August 3, 2010

This Girl…


…is so rough and tumble.  She will take a million falls and never give up, but she likes to twirl like a ballerina and dance like a princess.


This girl loves show tunes and Lady Gaga and encourages people to rock on while showing the sign of the horns.


This girl has her own sense of style pairing a red and black shirt with a navy and pink skirt or by wearing her hair in a ponytail with a headband and with sunglasses perched on her head.


This girl can sit patiently writing letters (up and then down, up and then down and across!  Line and two bubbles!) or can run around the house for hours on end.


This girl drinks apple juice by the gallon and eats shrimp with the heads on.


This girl, with the great big chocolate bar eyes and the shaggy dog hair and the hopping step and the sweet voice who gives kisses and hugs and can’t say I love you enough.


THIS girl.


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    <3 <3 <3 is all I can say

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    Love to read your stories Jamie….. Can’t believe I haven’t been up to see you. Hope you are all adjusting in your new home! We have been non stop this summer and if I’m not working I’m babysitting or at weddings, birthday partys…..Getting ready for a nephews wedding this weekend at my sisters so we’ve been spendng our time helping her get ready! I’ll be stopping by to see you guys!!

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      Thanks for stopping by Jana. We’re really loving the new house and are slowly starting to make some changes to make it more our own. Summer’s are usually crazy, but we’re so out of our routine, that it’s been pretty low key for us which is just fine. :)

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