August 4, 2010

Finally done–in aqua and red.

Back when we lived in our little white house and my free time was non-existent and involved packing and freaking out, I found a tutorial to make an awesome planterI shared it via a link love Friday post and decided that it would look awesome on my new awesome porch and declared that I would be making it!  Post haste!


And as soon as we moved, Auntie Awesome and I took the girls for a shopping trip where I bought all the supplies to make the planter.  All of them!


And then, I left them sit in the garage for a month and a half.


I don’t really know why.  Maybe moving was harder than I thought?


But, on Monday night I finally slapped some spray paint on that sucker and Tuesday the girls and I planted and this is what we have.


Before Plants (obviously, right?)


Isn’t it happy looking?  I may still opt to stencil our initial or house address on it.  Verdict is out.


After Plants


Also, we decided to plant herbs instead of flowers.  It’s really late in the growing season and we love fresh herbs, so it was a win/win.


If you decide to make this, you may find you have trouble getting the pots to sit flat at first.  Don’t worry!  The weight from the pots will flatten the dirt and everything will be even/flat.


Also, the Princess and I went to Walmart to buy our plants.  Plants are hella cheap right now, including big patio planters with tomatoes!  I bought three boston ferns to hang on the porch for the stickered price of one.  See?  More pretty!


Porch ferns. LOVE!
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8 thoughts on “Finally done–in aqua and red.

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    Love, love, love the color combination!

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      Thank you! I LOVE red and aqua together. I have tons of spray paint left and am trying to figure out what else to spray paint with it. ;)

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    Awesome planter! I let stuff sit around for months at a time too. :( Like the bin we got to make a compost… still sitting around without compost in it.

    I’m going to have to try that planter thing though because it looks AWESOME!

    It’s my first time to your site; I’m visiting from 31DBBB! On your front page, I was looking for something UNDER the post to allow me to comment – if you’re comfortable tweaking your template, you might want to consider adding a link like that under your posts. It’s pretty easy to do!

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    Thanks, Lynda! I’ll see what I can play around with to make the comment link more prominent. I’ve gotten so much feedback from the SITS girls and the 31DBBB project. I’ve installed and uninstalled so many widgets in the past two weeks. ;) I’m still working on making my “follow me” options easier to access. The several I’ve used thus far have kind of been a fail.

    ANYHOW, the planter was super easy to make and I bet you could get a great deal on supplies this time of year. Hopefully, since they’re sheltered on the porch, the herbs will grow well into the fall.

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    Great idea! The planter is too cute! I have a fern that I adore and it is currently outside now too. It barely made it through our winter here and now is so happy to be outside in the humidity! I repotted it and got rid of all the dead stuff and it is growing so lush and full now. Cute idea – we might have to make one here!

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      I have not thought at all where the ferns will go when winter comes around. I kill houseplants. Really fast. Maybe I should have bought six so i might end up with three come next spring.

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    Cute planter! I love the idea of planting fresh herbs..they’re so expensive @ the grocery store, and SO good!

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