August 2, 2010

Working the Menu Plan-It’s Monday!

Last week I figured out that, yes, menu planning IS worth the time and effort even though I REALLY hate to admit it. (Really REALLY!!)


And then, I realized that using my crock pot really helped to stream line dinner.


I know what you’re thinking–you’ve been married 11 years and a mom for 10 and you’ve just figured out that menu planning and cooking with your crock pot works?


I know.  I like to pretend I don’t know things, but then I realize that smart people aren’t wrong and I assimilate.





Crock pot turkey sloppy joes, tater tots and sliced veggies (carry over from last week.  Turns out, Big Daddy and I were flying mostly solo last Thursday and we opted for dinner out.)




Turkey Bake with Whole Wheat Pasta, veggies and garlic bread




CSA pickup day


Sour Cream Pork chops, couscous and more veggies



The girls spend the night with Auntie Awesome on Thursday nights leaving Big Daddy and me to our own devices.  We might cook in.  We might eat out.  The world is our oyster.  Kind of.




Pizza Night!  WOOOOOOOOT!




Family in the kitchen night


Our girls love to help cook.  And, one of the best things about our new kitchen is that there is a ton of space for everyone to get in on the act.  I want to try harder to get the girls into the kitchen, not only because they love to cook, but it’s a valuable skill.


Cheesy volcano meatball sandwiches,  tater tots and veggies




Pasta with pancetta and leaks, salad and homemade bread.


For more menu plans, check out:


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5 thoughts on “Working the Menu Plan-It’s Monday!

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    I’m SO bad about using my Crock Pot during the week. I’m going to check out all these recipes as we need some quick, easy weekday meals! (that pasta just sounds awesome).

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      I’m bad about using mine too. Every once in a while I remember that the crock pot is an option and then it’s like the skies open up and people sing hallelujah and stuff.

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    Thanks so much for turning me on to the Meal-Plan Mondays…I need to get to that level of organization for sure! Love the blog!

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      Thanks so much for stopping by. I hate menu planning SO much, but it really does help save time and money. Especially with school starting soon, that evening time is precious and while we can hav supper at 8 during the summer, it’s a problem on school nights.

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