Month: September 2010

September 30, 2010

Fall Decor

One of my favorite things about fall is decorating.  It’s the time of year when I strive to make our home feel cozy and warm.  I don’t really decorate much for the spring and summer, but when fall rolls around I pull out my totes of decorations and go to town. I love the textures […]

September 29, 2010

*From the Archive* Two Piggie Tails

Originally published elsewhere on 9/5/2008 She has hardly enough hair for it, but on a whim I decided to give Littlebit two piggie tails today (usually she just has one, jaunty one on the side) She is also wearing her Little Miss Trouble shirt, which suits her well. See? Here she was saying cheese, it’s […]

September 28, 2010

The Big Oh-Four

This is my baby. She turned four a couple of weeks ago.  She is the most adorable four year old I know.  She’s the coolest four year old I know too.  She never fails to do something exciting or amazing or terrifying. Underneath all of that, our Littlebit is a girlie girl and she asked […]

September 27, 2010

Changing up the menu plan

About a month ago, Big Daddy and I decided to undertake some changes to our diets.  We knew that we needed to be more healthy and are taking the steps to eat a more healthy diet. What this means, is that I’m doing a lot of lighter cooking and trying a LOT of new recipes. […]

September 24, 2010

Link Love

We’ve had a busy week around here.  We’re preparing for Littlebit’s fourth birthday party tomorrow.  There will be 10 kids and scads of adults here to celebrate LB’s big day, so I’ve been busy shopping and making and creating and planning and cleaning.  It’s why today’s link love is a little late. Late, but still […]

September 23, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

When I was in college I read, or tried to read, Through the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.  I don’t remember a lot about it except for the fact that I hated it and had no earthly idea what the hell was going on for the entire book.    I read  Madame Bovary in that class and […]

September 21, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite iPhone apps.

When the Iphone came out, I wanted it. BAAAAAAAAD. Big Daddy was all cheap.  My contract wasn’t up.  Apple’s warranty on the phone wasn’t very favorable.  The phone was expensive.  Etc, etc, etc. He was right, but that didn’t stop me from wanting one. This past winter, I must have nagged enough because Big Daddy […]

September 20, 2010

Menu Plan

Last week marked our fifteenth week of our CSA.  Honestly, it has its pros and cons. First, I’ve loved all the fresh, organic produce we’ve received.    I’ve loved trying new things.  Some things I haven’t loved trying.  However, for our family a full share was a little much.  Next year, we’ll sign up for a […]

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