September 29, 2010

*From the Archive* Two Piggie Tails

Originally published elsewhere on 9/5/2008

She has hardly enough hair for it, but on a whim I decided to give Littlebit two piggie tails today (usually she just has one, jaunty one on the side)

She is also wearing her Little Miss Trouble shirt, which suits her well. See?

Here she was saying cheese, it’s blurry but still cute.

Aren’t toddlers the absolute cutest??

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2 thoughts on “*From the Archive* Two Piggie Tails

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    Toddlers are pretty adorable. That one you have there is no exception. What a cutie! Mine is finally to the point that I can get her hair into a little pony tail and it is so cute.

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      Those first pony tails are the best. My baby has just enough hair for a little top ponytail. She looks adorable with it.

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