September 28, 2010

The Big Oh-Four

This is my baby.

She turned four a couple of weeks ago.  She is the most adorable four year old I know.  She’s the coolest four year old I know too.  She never fails to do something exciting or amazing or terrifying.

Underneath all of that, our Littlebit is a girlie girl and she asked for a Princess and the Frog birthday party and who was I to say no?

A local bakery makes amazing Disney Princess cakes.  And I called our friends and family and made a big old pot of jambalaya. And we were overrun by little girls.  And even though Littlebit missed her friends from IL and insisted up until they day of the party that they would be there, she still had a wonderful, wonderful day.

And the tutu?  I made it.  I went with a no-sew tied tutu, but Littlebit opted to wear a special birthday outfit instead and the tutu has been abandoned.  That’s okay.  Littlebit looks pretty no matter what.

I can think of nothing better than a beautiful day, a big fluffy cake and lots of love.  Littlebit feels the same way.

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8 thoughts on “The Big Oh-Four

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    What a little cuties! I love girls. We had one after two boys and it’s been so fun to have a buddy (the boys want to do what dad is doing; our little girl wants to do whatever her mama is doing).

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      I have three little girls and they spend a lot of time following me around. We don’t have any boys, so I don’t have any experience. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

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    How adorable! We just watched The Princess and the Frog (late, I know) and it was really cute.

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      It is a good movie. I’m so happy to see Disney returning to the old school, good animation. Not that I don’t like Pixar, because I do.

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    I love those cakes, but I did always wonder how you cut them. Are the pieces just really tall?

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      The cake really isn’t too hard to cut. It’s almost like cutting a bundt cake? Yes, the pieces are tall, but I cut them thinner because they are really tall.

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    That princess cake is amazing! Your daughter is one lucky girl to have that cake.

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      Thank you. She is a pretty lucky kid (and we’re lucky to have her). The local bakery does a beautiful job on cakes like that and even do a princess castle.

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