September 23, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

When I was in college I read, or tried to read, Through the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.  I don’t remember a lot about it except for the fact that I hated it and had no earthly idea what the hell was going on for the entire book.    I read  Madame Bovary in that class and it’s my top ten least favorite book of all time.

But, I’m digressing.  I decided, this morning, that it might be fun to write a stream of consciousness type post, but I hope I’m not as hard to read as Virginia Woolf.

Why is Family Matters on.  I hated this show when it was new.  What’s that?  What does the baby have?  Oh my GOD.  That pile of laundry is huge.  What does she have?  The laundry basket.  She’s on the laundry basket. Should I get her down?  I need to call my Grandpa.  Shzaam!(Pur commercial) My carpet is dingy. Will we have time to steam clean before Littlebit’s party?  We’d have to do it today.  Electronic banking.  Writing this is harder than I thought.  I need a monkey thought translater(Cloudy with a Chance of  Meatballs).  I should write a to-do list.  I don’t like that lady’s dress.  Why am I STILL watching Family Matters.  Where’s the remote.  Why are there tortillas on the couch?  The dog is half laying on them.  Do I toss them or keep them?  They’re in the package. Toss or keep.  Toss or keep.  Toss or keep.  Why does Steve Urkel roll his pants up like that?  I should write a to-do list.  I have so much to do. SO much to do.  So much to do.  I should plug in my phone.  I’m thirsty.  What’s for breakfast?  I’m not going to have enough time today.  The amount of time this post is taking isn’t helping my lack of time. What’s the baby doing now? Back on the laundry basket.  Get her down or leave her? Get her down or leave her? I want to punch Steve Urkel. Why is this still on?  Where’s the remote??! Maybe we could steam clean tomorrow.  More Family Matters?  Where’s the remote! What’s the baby doing? Didn’t I pick all of this up yesterday?  This is taking time I don’t have.  Here comes the baby.  Time’s up!

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    I thought I was the only one!!

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    Wow… sounds like what goes on inside my head. I hate it when I ask my husband “what are you thinking” and he says “nothing” and REALLY means it? HOW can you think NOTHING? I never do! Even when I’m sleeping my brain is going a thousand miles an hour. Know that you are not the only one.
    Enjoyed reading!

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      My husband doesnt get it either. I have “loud brain” which is why it takes me SO long to get to sleep at night. My husband passes out as soon as his head hits the pillows. I hate him for that a little bit.

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