September 15, 2010

Top 10 Sewing Tutes/Patterns for KCWC

You may have noticed the Kids Clothes Weekly Challenge button on my sidebar.  It’s a sew along where you focus on sewing kids clothing one hour a day for a week.  Since I haven’t touched my sewing machine since we moved here, I decided that this challenge was just what I needed to kick start my craftyness again.

Never mind Littlebit’s birthday party and company and all of that.  Just never mind that.

For details on the challenge you can check out Elise Marley’s entry.

Honestly, I’m spending this week planning.  Planning, pattern picking and fabric selection take a LOT of time and since I’m probably not going to be able to eek out more than an hour a day of sewing, I really need to maximize my time.  While I’ll be using some patterns I have here at home, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a few of my favorite Internet sewing tutes/patterns.  Maybe you’ll get inspired to join the challenge and sew for your kids this fall.

Jamie’s Top Ten Favorite Internet Sewing Tutes/Pattern

in no particular order as usual

1. The Peasant top from Indie tutes. Incredibly versatile.  You can make tops, dresses, pajamas.  You can make the sleeves long or short.  You can use woven fabrics or stretchy knits.  The possibilities are truly endless

2. I love Oliver+S’s style and I love the simplicity of the Lazy Days Skirt.  It’s easy to make.  Perfect for a beginner and is another pattern that can be adapted for a number of sizes without much effort or worry.

3. Since I have active girlie girls, I love dressing them in skorts.  Skorts are the best of both worlds and Trillium Design’s Skort is just about perfect.

4.  Pillowcase dresses are perfect for little girls.  They’re simple to make and look lovely.  You can shorten the dress to wear as a tunic (perfect for seasonal fabrics) or lengthen it for a dress.  Another pattern that is easily adaptable to many sizes without much effort. seems to have the best available pattern and by making these lovely little dresses yourself, you can save a TON off of what it costs to buy one.

5. Subtle Tee has a tutorial for making your own knit pajamas!  I’m always a little ishy about making stuff like this because they can be purchased so inexpensively, but sometimes using just the right fabric to make just the right pair of jammies for just the right kiddo is worth the effort.

6. J Caroline has a tutorial and a pattern for  adorable pants, with and without a ruffle.  The pants are sized for 18-24 months, but with some altering you could size them up and down.  Pants are REALLY easy to sew and this would be a great beginning project.

7.  I love layering.  So does Littlebit. These wrap dresses from Tiny Happy would be perfect over a leggings or jeans.  They’re size 3t to 4t but are adorable and might be worth trying to size up

8.  Okay, so the Can-Can skirt isn’t free, but have you seen it? It’s worth a $6 download.

9. I love Angry Chicken’s 5 minute skirt.  It’s so simple and, again, easily adaptable to all sizes.  PLUS, I love Amy’s Bend the Rules sewing book which I originally read about on a post at  Amy also has a collection of amazing tutorials on the how tos of sewing on her site that are worth a look.

10.  Okay, this is no sew, but I wouldn’t be a good mama of girls if i didn’t suggest you should make a no-sew tutu. Great for Halloween and dress up and just…everything.  :)

I hope this list inspires you to dust off your machine and sew some clothes for your kiddos this fall!

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