October 19, 2010

67 Days Until Christmas!

Let’s talk about the big ol’ Gorilla sitting in the corner where I’m putting the Christmas tree.

Christmas is only 67 days away!

I’ll wait until you stop throwing things to continue.

I’m already weeks too late to do the Holiday Grand Plan this year, but I never stick with that thing anyhow.  Actually, if you’re a serious over achiever, you’re only seven weeks behind, so you could still catch up.  It should go without saying that I won’t be.

However, I still feel it’s important to have a good grasp on what tasks you want to do for Christmas.  My biggest task at this time of year is getting together my gift giving spreadsheet.

I already admitted I have a perfectionism issue, so the fact that I have a spread sheet about Christmas shouldn’t surprise you.

Anyhow, the point behind the spreadsheet is so I can 1) tell Big Daddy how much we’ll be spending (he always hopes for less, but it never works out that way 2) I have things written down so I am sure not to forget anyone.  It also gives me a place to store links to ideas I have and to mark off when I’ve purchased a gift, received the gift and wrapped the gift.  It also gives me time to revise the list so I can make changes and think over what I’m buying and for whom.  It also allows me to check prices elsewhere.  I can have a link to the lowest price and save a few bucks here and there.  That makes Big Daddy feel holly jolly.

This is also a great time to think about what things you want to do this holiday season and to try and prioritize them.  The Christmas Tree is a given, but what about baking?  Do you want to bake and if so, what?  Advent Calendars?  It’s time to start thinking about what’s going in the little boxes this year (and will I be able to shove three hershey kisses in each one??)  Do I need to purchase any new decor for inside or outside.  What will our menus be for Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning breakfast and Christmas dinner.  The girlies like matching pajamas.  I like to have pictures taken of the kids to put on Christmas cards.

Last year, I saved a ton of money on our Christmas cards by ordering and sending early. Being organized helps in that department.  You can take advantage or sales and specials on things you know you’re going to buy.

And, really, it IS my favorite time of year.

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