October 30, 2010

Halloween’s Past

The Princess is now 10.5

We have dressed her up for 11 Halloweens.

The Princess and N-N-Halloween 2001

I’m missing pictures from two of those years.  They exist. Just not on this laptop.

The Princess-2002

It’s hard to believe that our Princess (who is nearly my height) fit into the costume that is one year too small for Littlebit and two years too big for Baby Bee.

The Princess-2004
The Princess-2005

I’ve sewn multiple costumes.  I even sewed one to match a hot pink cast.

The Princess and Littlebit-2006

I’ve tied a tiny pink bow to the tail of a little black kitty so people would know she was a girl.

The Princess and Littlebit-2007
The Princess-2008

I love watching their creativity blossom.  This is the last year Littlebit will wear a saved costume.  Next year, she’ll get to choose and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

The Princess, Littlebit and Baby Bee-2009

Happy Halloween!

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6 thoughts on “Halloween’s Past

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    What a great idea! I’m sure I must have pictures from each Halloween, I just need to find them and make a collection that shows how my girls have grown and changed from year to year. I LOVE your photo from 2006—so precious!

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      I really love doing the picture retrospectives. It’s a lot of fun to see how much the kids have grown and changed and to see the size differences at their respective ages since they wear the same costumes at first.

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    Love your kids’ costumes! We always had fun coming up with them, too, and then making them. We have a whole scrapbook of our kids’ Halloween years. blessings on your day!

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      We have a lot of fun doing the Halloween thing. I have a mini Halloween scrapbook that I’ve been keeping their costume pictures in, but it’s nearly full.

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    Omg! Love the pictures. They are too cute. I had do a double take of the one of your daughter holding the baby in the first one ~ she looked like a doll. LOL

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      Littlebit was about six weeks old on her first Halloween. <3 She was so teeny tiny. You can see in the last picture how tight the kitty costume is on Baby Bee (who was four months old at Halloween)

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