October 8, 2010

Link Love Friday-Edition 187(or something like that)

Fall weather has definitely shown up here in Ohio this week.  The beginning half of the week was nothing but cold and rain.  Big Daddy threw a little bit of a fit, but I turned the heat on Monday morning.   It was 62 in the house and that is just too cold with little people.  Heck, it’s too cold for ME.  I was tired of huddling on the couch under the laptop for warmth, so on the heat went.

But, even if it’s been chilly, I’ve loved how cozy our house has felt.  I really love how you can just snuggle into fall.  How you can pull on your warm socks and your coat and it makes the whole world feel comfy and safe.

Since I’ve been feeling cozy how about some link love to keep your busy on rainy fall days.

Whipup.net posted a HUGE list of bag tutorials. I haven’t had time to make it through them all yet, but suffice to say I have a lot of bags on my to-make list.

We will be venturing out for some fall fun this weekend, and I’m hoping to make my three some Maple leaf crowns as shown on Twig and Toadstool. Aren’t they lovely?

In the Kitchen with Audrey shared a recipe for eggplant snack sticks. They sound yummy AND she says they’re even good cold.  Wouldn’t you know, I have four teeny tiny beautiful eggplant from our CSA share looking for something to turn in to.

Kootoyoo used LED tealights to make these pretty light jars. I’m thinking they might be perfect for our play room re-do.

Wikipedia gives you a chart of Miscellaneous symbols (Unicode) that you can insert into posts OR your facebook status.

I’ve used the magic adjustable ring to make amigriumi projects.  The crochet spot shows you how.

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    So jealous that you get to turn the heat on! We’re still running the A/C most of the day. :(

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      We did have a quick burst of heat last week, but we’ve settled into cool temperatures. I love fall. <3 It's actually been cold when we sleep over night, which is what I prefer.

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