October 6, 2010

Lovely, lovely tables

We’re re-doing our living room.  In a beachy theme.  Subtle beachy.  No seashells or palm trees (except for this one that will be blown up and hung over our couch).

Lovely, lovely SC

I know the playroom was supposed to come first and from a functional standpoint it should have.  But, we were getting new living room furniture and the time was right.

Big Daddy and I have a master plan that includes a vacation home on the sea islands of South Carolina.  Big Daddy and I left our hearts there a few times and our main goal is to find a home and eventually retire there.   But for now, we have the beach in little doses; our annual trip to the beach and with some design influence in our new home.  I plan to share living room pictures with you in a few weeks when I’ve managed to put on the final touches.  I have a short to-do list left to do and I don’t want to show off a work in progress.

Last spring, I discovered Ana White.  And I went into overload.  Ana designs, and shares, furniture making plans that with some tools and some courage nearly anyone can make.  Big Daddy made our entertainment stand before our move with help from one of our BFFs using Ana’s plans. As I mentioned, I have champagne tastes, but we can’t afford to outfit the house in as much Pottery Barn goodies as I’d like which is where Ana’s plans came in.

After painting and arranging, I knew we needed some side tables. That matched. Not just the room but each other. I spent some time scouring Ana’s site and never found a side table that worked for me until I saw Ana’s plans for the Lucille coffee table. Lucille and I were meant to be together.  Like peas and carrots.  But, Lucille was a coffee table and Big Daddy and I had decided we didn’t need a coffee table.  So, I did some actual math (very minor, because that’s actually all I’m capable of) and Lucille was turned into two lovely end tables.

Lucille Eins

I’d like to say I made Lucille with my own two hands.  Alas, I did not.  My very helpful Uncle has a garage full of wood working tools and a head full of wood working know-how.  He cut the wood for my zwei Lucille’s  and when he heard I intended to build them using, you know, a hammer he told me to come back down so we could build them with his nail gun.  I helped and he nailed and um zwei Lucille’s were knocked together in a little over an hour.

And he told me to come back anytime, which is good.  Because, I still have that playroom re-do among some other things.

Lucielle zwei

Big Daddy and I debated about Lucille’s finish, but in the end we went with a white bottom and a stained top.  I only did one coat of the paint/primer (behr all in one as recommended by Nester) because I like being able to see the wood grain.  I might change my mind and put on another coat after the tables live in the room for a while.  We’ll see. But I think they’re lovely.  And have the subtle beachy look Big Daddy and I are looking for.

Our projects are nearly finished.  Just a few more items and I’ll be ready to reveal the entire room.

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    I like Lucille!! And that picture is beautiful! My parents retired to SC–south of Myrtle Beach, north of Charleston, & it’s lovely there. Husband and I have always talked about retiring to a big city so we can be around art museums and theater, but lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to move some place more rural and have a garden & chickens. He’s in for quite a surprise! LOL I’m glad you and Big Daddy agree on where you want to go in retirement!

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      Big Daddy and I LOVE Charleston. It’s such a beautiful city, but our heart really is in the low country. I’m sure you could have chickens and a garden there. ;) So long as you didn’t have any gators.

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    I’m such a fan of Ana, as well! I was just contemplating the idea of doing her latest item…ledge shelves…if only I can convince the hubby to let me! Maybe once I finish all of my UN-finished projects, he’ll allow me a little more freedom to design to my little heart’s desire! ;)

    You are lucky to have someone to assist with the wood-working! I have a feeling I will be experiencing some splinters, cut fingers, finger-tip hammer-slips…and more! I’ll be sure to keep my 1st aid kit handy!

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      My uncle loves word working, so he’s really a great help in that department. I still have to get the shelves finished for the entertainment center we made following Ana’s plans. Actually, there’s a component in there that’s all Big Daddy’s and he’s just not that interested. So, he’s going to have to do something soon or we’ll do it my way. ;)

      Our next projects will be the sort of “built in” organizational cubes and a craft desk for the playroom. I told my Uncle to prepare himself. ;)

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