October 27, 2010

Magic in the Kitchen

Yesterday, it was stormy and dreary.  It was windy and blustery and even though it was 70 degrees (and nearly November!) it felt like winter was setting in, despite the temperature.  I had plans to make a chicken pot pie and even though such warm weather would indicate different dinner plans, I went ahead and cooked with the leaves swirling in eddies around the back yard.

Into the pan went a simple collection of food; peas and carrots.  Celery and potatoes.  As they simmered I melted some butter and sauteed some onions in a pan.  I sliced the poached chicken and pressed the pie crust into a deep pan.

Those simple things: chicken and flour, broth and milk, onions and butter combine to make something delicious.  It can only be magic.  What else could it be?

Don’t be afraid to make your own magic in the kitchen.  Your efforts may not be perfect.  They may be lumpy and bumpy and burned on one side.  But, with practice and time your spells will stop fizzling and turn into something wonderful.

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