October 28, 2010

What Happens during naptime..

..gets shared on the Internet.

Last week, I had a friend mention to me that instead of watching crappy t.v.  I could be doing something productive.  I laughed it off.  I LOVE t.v. (I do.  I really do), but I thought about what he had said and he was right.   I get, at most, two hours a day where I am free to do what I like.  And I spend a lot of time grousing about things that I don’t have time to do.

I don’t have time to sew.

I don’t have time to scrapbook.

I don’t have time to knit.

I don’t have time to read.

I don’t have time to read/comment on blogs.

Except, I probably do have time.  I’m just busy watching Billy the Exterminator.  Or Pawn Stars.

So, last week I decided I needed to re-prioritize and change things up.  I really don’t love t.v. more than being crafty.  Baby Bee naps for two hours a day and I’ve decided to fill up that time with crafty goodness and then share the results with you.

Results of last week’s naptime crafty goodness:

New pajama pants for the Princess (I’m not sure if she still loves Troy.  I bought this fabric a year ago and tweens are fickle)

New polka dot “neetie” for Littlebit.

New polka dot pajamas for Baby Bee

Repaired Littlebit’s mama-made pumpkin costume.

Sewed a valance for the kids’ bathroom.

Taking back nap time has inspired me to look at my time usage and to change a few things.  I’m excited about the results so far and can’t wait to see what kind of crafty goodness I come up with in the next week.

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4 thoughts on “What Happens during naptime..

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    Yes, tv will suck the life out of life-I say this to remind ME! I started blogging so I wouldn’t languish in front of the tv. Love your list of stuff you accomplished during naptime. Keep it up kiddo.

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      Thanks, Karen. <3

      I find that I have to work hard to keep the t.v. balanced. The kids love it as much as I do. FOr a long time I kept the t.v. on as "noise" during the day, but I realized that the little ones were watching more and more. Now, I turn on music instead.

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    Great job on taking back your time!!! You really got a lot done in two hours. This morning I was free from 3 of the 4 kids and I attacked my desk so that I could pay bills. Took me an hour just to get everything where it needed to go! How does this happen? Grrr… Keep being inspired to take back your time!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment gave me a giggle! Man does my butt look big Monday… HAHAHAHA Love that…

    Take care!

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      Thanks, Dee. I’m not always successful, but I’m trying. Today I admit to watching DVR’ed t.v. ;)

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