November 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown-Six Weeks to Go

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Thanksgiving is next week.  This year has flown by.  This year, for only the second time in 12 years we won’t be having Thanksgiving with my family.  We’ll be taking the 8 hour car ride to Illinois to spend it with Big Daddy’s family.  I’m a little sad.  I like things to be the same.  Particularly traditions.  I’m sure we’ll have a good time, though, and it will be nice to be back in Illinois.  The girls and I haven’t been back since we moved to Small Town in June.

There are only 38 days until Christmas.  What kind of Christmas are you hoping to have?  What do you envision?  What can you do to make the Christmas in your head match the Christmas you’re going to have?

Week 6 To-Do List

1) Remember that gift list I keep yammering about?  Keep plugging away at it.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  I mark when I’ve ordered gifts, when they’ve arrived and when they’ve been wrapped.  There’s no surprises and having the list there means that I don’t have a chance to forget anyone last minute.  I’ve had months to think things over and write things down.

And, again, being able to shop around saves you money.  I don’t know about you, but Big Daddy loves when I can shave some coin off the bottom line

2) What’s for Thanksgiving dinner?  Are you having company?  Do you have a menu?  If not, get planning!  What are you waiting for?  Next Wednesday??  Additionally, if you’re going to be hosting over the holiday, it’s time to think about who you’re inviting, what to cook and a shopping list, if you’re so inclined.  Call the butcher to order your turkey.  Call to ask Aunt Joan if she’s bringing her sweet potatoes this year.  Part of my stress surrounding Christmas is how much stuff I have a tendency to leave to the last minute without really assessing how much time those things take.

Not getting a hold of the butcher on a Wednesday in November is a pretty non-deal, but a week before Christmas and you’ll be in a frenzy.  At best.

3) Get pictures of your kids for your Christmas card (if you send them).  Last year, I ordered our cards from Shutterfly.  Right now, cards are 25% off and for a small fee, Shutterfly will stamp, address and mail your cards for you. I paid for it last year.  My cards arrived early, but I saved money on the order AND the stress of addressing, stamping and getting the darn things in the mail.  Getting the cards out is especially important this year because we’ve moved and I’d like people to have our new address.

4) Begin penciling in your holiday shenanigans.  The year Littlebit was one, I actually ran out of time to see Santa.  I just assumed we’d fit it in and we didn’t.  Honestly, seeing Santa is a priority right now, so penciling it in and finding time to do it is a big deal.  What’s important to you?  You can’t do everything.  Really.  No matter how hard you’d like to try, so it’s most important to figure out what you want to do the most, pencil it in and then fill in around it.

5) Last week, I recommended you clean up your master bedroom and bathroom.  This week, I’d advise you take on the most unpleasant task of sorting through your kids clothes, books and toys.  Look, I know that job sucks, but you’re not going to be able to do it once they’re off school.  I won’t be sorting the Princess’s things (except for her clothes, if she asks me) because she’s old enough to sort her own (I also think a toy, clothes and book purge every six months keeps things from getting too disordered).  It also gives you an opportunity to take inventory of what the kids have before people start asking for lists.

And, if your kids are like mine they will suddenly love every broken happy meal toy and naked, half crayon and you won’t be able to toss out ANYTHING.

6) Lastly, is your weather still mild?  Our fall has been lovely.  Warm and dry.  Big Daddy and I hung our Christmas lights in the good weather last weekend (but we won’t turn them on until a Thanksgiving).

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown-Six Weeks to Go

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    These are great ideas. I need to start implementing them NOW.

    I am hosting Thanksgiving, against my better judgment. I’m a vegetarian, so you would think my relatives would choose a different host. Ugh. (Can you tell I’ve been forced?)

    Thanksgiving is next week, and I have no menu and haven’t ordered the turkey yet. Yes, I’m waiting for next Wednesday. Just kidding, though hubby and I are going away from Sunday through Tuesday.

    BUT I do already have my holiday cards done! Well, they’ve been ordered and they have arrived, I will send them out after Thanksgiving.

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      It does seem a little…short sighted to make the veggie host Thanksgiving. If you make them a Tofurkey they might decide differently next year. ;)

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