November 9, 2010

Christmas Countdown

It’s 45 days until Christmas.

Forty-Five Days.

I don’t want to freak anyone out.  Really. I promise.  But, well, if you’re not thinking about Christmas and you’re aspire to Martha-esque Christmas greatness, it’s time to start thinking, planning and doing.

Over the next seven weeks, I’m going to be suggesting tasks, cleaning and other projects to help you be ready for Christmas with the goal of ringing in the week of December 20th with nothing left to do but some cooking baking and reveling.  Sound fun?

Week 7 To-Do List

1) Take down your Halloween decorations.  As of publish time, mine were still half unpacked.  Big Daddy took down our air blown giant cat over the weekend and it’s drying in the basement.

2) Have you decorated for fall?  It’s not Christmas related, but why not put it out.  Thanksgiving is still weeks away and you have plenty of time to enjoy them.

3) Do you have a list of whom you’re buying gifts for?  Do you have budget ranges and gift ideas?  If not, this is the time to try and assemble those things.  There are some great deals to be had prior to Thanksgiving, but you have to know what you’re shopping for.

4)What Christmas decor are you missing?  We needed to buy new lights for our big tree and Big Daddy and I did that over the weekend.  We’ve started talking about and planning and measuring for our outdoor decor so we can purchase that as well.   Being prepared means you don’t end up frustrated when you overbuy something expensive or under buy something you really need.

5) Start deep cleaning the house.  I’m a messy girl too, but there is something wonderful about a house that is clean, decluttered and decorated for Christmas.  This week, I’ll be deep cleaning my bathroom and bedroom.  I’ll be purging old medications and toiletries.  I’ll be asking Big Daddy to put our bed together (Yes, we’ve lived here for six months and no our bed is still not assembled).  I’ll be purging drawers and closets.  I’ll be dusting, vacuuming baseboard, pulling down cobwebs and cleaning windows.  I might also splurge on a new pair of flannel sheets as our new house is quite a bit colder than our old one and we’re back to needing an extra layer.

Cleaning out actually serves two purposes:  first, decluttering is great.  Second, you might find things that need replaced that you can add to your Christmas list.

Why do the bedroom first?  If you’re like me, the main areas of the house probably need to be decluttered more, but the bedroom will keep if you pick up after yourself.  Also, don’t you deserve a clean bedroom?  You probably do.

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown

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    This is going to be so helpful! I’m excited for your tips :-)

    Happy Homemaking!
    ♥ Bethany

      Author’s gravatar

      Thanks, Bethany! I’m excited to share them. :)

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    A “Martha-esque Christmas greatness”. Oh, I’m aspiring for that every year and wham! – there’s December 1 and I haven’t done a thing. This year, I won’t even be back home from my research trip before December. But I can dream… :)
    Great tips, though!

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      Well, I aspire every year. ;) Whether or not I actually manage to attain that always remains to be seen. ;) I try to spread it out, though, so we an do the fun stuff.

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    I am really ready for the Christmas season this year. I may not make it until Thanksgiving weekend to decorate… I took down my Halloween stuff this past weekend, but I still have the fall decor out. But I’m REALLY ready for Christmas – Listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” now…

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      The girls and I have been listening to our Christmas station on Pandora for weeks. My husband just rolls his eyes and closes his office door. I’ll start decorating the week of Thanksgiving. I try not to rush fall too much.

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    Ooh! I love it. I just now tweeted a link to your post. We are definitely all set for fall, and I need to think about Christmas decorations. Most of our neighborhood decorates big, and all we have are some lights. I think some lawn decorations would be fun, especially now that my oldest can really get into Christmas.

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      Thanks for the tweet! This year Big Daddy promised me outdoor decorations and we haven’t really done it the past at all, so we’ve been measuring and pricing so we know how much we’re in for, cost wise.

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    Oh, what a great idea. Not being stressed the week before Christmas would be priceless!

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      That is the plan. We’ll see if it works or not. ;)

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    I love Martha. I’m aspiring for my “Martha-esque” Thanksgiving this year. Unfortunately, I’m sure like last year, I’m not going to quite make it that far. I can get the food, it’s just all that decor that throws me.

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    I have about eleventy dozen gourds I can bring you. I have tiny little pumpkins that look cute hollowed out with a tea light inside it. I even have a cornucopia to stuff my gourds in to. I have a gourd on every single stair. Gramps grew a LOT of gourds this year.

    P.S. Your food is awesome and I really hope you have leftovers.

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