November 21, 2010

Cookie of the Week

Mexican wedding cakes.

Russian tea cakes.


Whatever you call them, they’re delicious.  Little powdered sugar covered, walnut filled buttery balls of cookie deliciousness. I think these are my favorite cookies of all.  I think.  It’s like picking my favorite book or favorite song, though, so I might fall in love with a different cookie next week.  It depends.

These cookies are DRY.   They’re not moist.    I would best describe them as tender. I point this out, because some people have noted, on recipe reviews, that these cookies are dry.  Yes, they are.  But they’re supposed to be.

Recipe from*

Pictures from me.

*This recipes reccomends pecans.  I never use pecans.  Only walnuts.

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2 thoughts on “Cookie of the Week

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    Hi Jamie,

    Love the recipes and the great photos of your kids. It looks like your house is filled with love and fun.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry my article freaked you out. I promise it isn’t a typical topic! Monday I showcase a Victorian angel project I’m working on :)

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      It’s tub hair, Marie. TUB HAIR! I run away from my own tub hair! LOL!

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