November 11, 2010

Cookie of the Week

Remember when I told you that Christmas is in 45 days?  And I suggested that you tackle a small to-do list this week to help set you up for a less stressed, but totally fabulous Christmas season.

One thing that makes our Christmas fabulous is cookies.

Cookies, cookies, cookies we LOVE cookies

And, so, I decided that it would be fun to do a cookie series over the next seven weeks.  This will serve a second purpose for our family, as I intend to double dough batches and get some cookies in the freezer.  Yeah, it’s all about simple, streamlined and less stress. has a brief primer on how to freeze cookies and cookie dough. Here’s a little more information on the freezing dough process as well.

This week’s featured cookie is Snickerdoodles!  They’re such a family favorite and really easy for little hands to help with.  I always turn to Betty for this recipe. She won’t steer you wrong.

I am freezing the balls without their cinnamon and sugar coating.  We’ll coat them prior to baking.

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8 thoughts on “Cookie of the Week

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    I LOVE snickerdoodles. One of my all time favorite cookies that doesn’t include chocolate. Cookies with chocolate and without are two separate categories in my cookie-making book.

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      You know, I’m only okay with most chocolate cookies. In fact, I put less chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies than recommended. Most chocolate is too rich for me, I think. Which makes me a totally weirdo, I know.

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    In AZ we didn’t have the freezing temperatures like we do here in the Midwest. What I find is I can usually bake anything I want from late Nov. and just set it out in the garage…wrapped in siran or in tuperware…and it last just fine till way after the beginning of the new year. I have made lots of cookie dough and when I run out of freezer space I just start putting it out on the 57 chevy that doesn’t go anywhere once it is col…nice big hood to store my sweets. One bonus to the cold temps outside. It is so nice to have dough to pull out and enjoy letting the kids help without so much mess. I even make cutouts and freeze/garage store them between layers of wax paper to paint with egg paint later on. Works great.

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      I had no idea you had a ’57 chevy in your garage! We have the Model A in our garage now ( a ’29). I wouldn’t put my cookies on it. It was living in my Dad’s pole barn and I KNOW he has mice up there.

      If I baked any cookies and let them sit, the other little mice around here would eat them until they’re gone. They’re the biggest cookie monsters! Seriously!

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    I agree…. less chips make the cookies much better..

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    I love freezing cookie dough. But I’m going to have to try snickerdoodles. I love throwing cookies in when someone stops by.

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      This is the first time I’ve tried it. I’m really hoping the freezing works out well because that ought to decrease my Christmas week stress a LOT. My husband loves snickerdoodles,but if he doesn’t grab fast he doesn’t get any.

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